Ina Rudolph ist Autorin, Schauspielerin und Seminarleiterin. Seit 17 Jahren gibt sie ihre Erfahrungen mit "The Work of Byron Katie" weiter und liebt es all das unter einen Hut zu bringen.

Tania Fierro, MA, Founder and Trainer at with over 20 years of experience in Inquiry. Tania offers a deeply compassionate, razor sharp awareness to get to the crux of any situation. Together she travels through our most fearful and painful beliefs allowing for profound transformation and clear course of action. There is no situation, emotion or thought that Inquiry can’t hold and she invites us not to believe her and to try it for ourselves.

Pedro Cortina, Author, Master Coach, speaker, facilitator, philosopher, trainer, as well as a leadership expert with more than 20 years of experience. Pedro is the principal developer of IBC™. He offers his clients a profound space of exploration and grounding to identify and transform what is getting in the way of their passion, purpose, and success. He is also the author of the book Curflexion, a guide for moving away from our underlying human experience of separation and unfulfillment.


Markus Tauchmann, Diplom Psychologe (FSP), Lehrcoach (VTW), Seminarleiter und Begleiter in The Work of Byron Katie. Er bietet Ausbildungen, Seminare und Coachings an.

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