November 2020 - November 2021

One Year Immersion in Inquiry-Based Coaching (IBC)™

November 2020 - November 2021

"One year Immersion 2020/2021" with Tania Fierro and Markus Tauchmann

Starting Retreat      Mo.-Sa.        02.11. - 07.11.2020    (Tania & Markus)

Celebration week   Mo.-Sa.        08.11. - 13.11.2021    (Tania & Markus)

3x4 Teleclass Sessions Wednesdays 20.00-21.30 Uhr (Tania & Markus)

Time:                      Monday       10.00 - 22.00      10am -10pm

                               Tu.-Fr.          07.00 - 22.00       7am - 10pm

                               Saturday      07.00 - 17.00       7am -   5pm

Venue:                    Schloss Glarisegg, Seminarzentrum am Bodensee, 

                               CH-8266 Steckborn (TG),

Language:              English, no translation, Tania speaks slow and clear   

Participants:           Small group of max. 12-16 participants

Tuition:                   CHF 5300,- 



If your life has been touched by Inquiry and you want to learn to deepen your experience and share this powerful method with others, we invite you to learn more about this Immersion Program with Tania Fierro and Markus Tauchmann.


You will give yourself the gift of committing time for yourself (2-3 hours/week). You will feel more confident facilitating yourself and others. You will be able to experience the happiness of undoing the thoughts that cause suffering and return to your true, awakened nature. You will support the co-creation of a community of committed practitioners.


The Immersion will be led by Tania Fierro and Markus Tauchmann.


The Immersion includes

  1. Two personal retreats (2x6 days) 
  2. 10 personal sessions with Tania/Markus
  3. 3x teleclass series of 4 sessions each
  4. 4x Q&A sessions
  5. Assigned group, individual and partner exercises in between sessions. (weekly 2-3 hours required)
  • Tania’s and Markus one-on-one attention and experience supported by more than a decade of consistent practice and thousands of hours of facilitation.
  • The space and support you need to engage in deep inquiry
  • An opportunity to engage with core beliefs that have proven to be unwavering and resilient with time.
  • An opportunity to familiarize yourself and deeply experience the peace that comes with the practice of Inquiry Based Coaching (IBC).



  • You will support yourself and others through a clear and profound method that allows for exceptional depth and transformation.
  • You will substantially enhance and embody your facilitating and client skills.
  • You will receive experienced coaching and support.
  • You will give yourself the gift of personal transformation and practice while you complete the training.
  • You will learn to communicate with courage, integrity and compassion.
  • You will be part and co-create a community of committed practitioners in a wonderful learning environment.
  • Gain insight, connection, compassion, resilience and a clear course of action.



  • Small group
  • Time commitment is approx. 2-3 hours per week.


Tania Fierro

MA, Founder and Trainer at with over 20 years of experience in Inquiry. Tania offers a deeply compassionate, razor sharp awareness to get to the crux of any situation. Together she travels through our most fearful and painful beliefs allowing for profound transformation and clear course of action. There is no situation, emotion or thought that Inquiry can’t hold and she invites us not to believe her and to try it for ourselves.


Markus Tauchmann

Master in psychology, Diplom Psychologe, Coach (vtw),



This retreat will be held in english with no translation. Tania and Markus speak slowly. Pairings in german are possible when needed.



This retreat is limited to 16 participants. 


Contact and Coordination 

Markus Tauchmann, +41 79 373 28 31



Starting Retreat      Mo.-Sa.        02.11. - 07.11.2020    (Tania & Markus)

Celebration week   Mo.-Sa.        08.11. - 13.11.2021    (Tania & Markus)


Timeframe             Monday        10.00 - 22.00     10am-10pm 

6 days                   Tu.-Fr.           07.00 - 22.00     7am-10pm

                              Saturday       07.00 - 17.00     7am- 5pm 


Teleclass 1            13.01/  27.01/  03.02/  17.02.2021 (Tania)

Teleclass 2            12.05/  26.05/  09.06/  23.06.2021 (Tania)

Teleclass 3            15.09/  29.09/  13.10/  27.10.2021 (Tania)

Q&A Sessions       16.12.2020/     24.03/  21.04/  07.07.2021 (Tania & Markus)

Time:                     Thursdays   20.00 - 21.30     8pm-9.30pm  (CET)

Location:               From your home/ zoom group call

Tuition:                 CHF 5300,-



Schloss Glarisegg

Seminarzentrum am Bodensee

CH-6266 Steckborn (TG)


+41 52 770 21 88




Q&A in IBC

1. What is “IBC™"?
IBC is a proven and measurable methodology to identify and transform life’s obstacles into clear and actionable opportunities. 
2. What does IBC enables you to do?
IBC™ allows you to access perspectives and solutions to our life that we often didn’t even imagine as a possibility. By going beyond our pre-conceived notions of the world, relationships, and ourselves, we open up to our absolute best potential.
3. How does IBC™ work?
IBC™ has 1 Framework, 1 Focus, 5 Questions and 1 Language. It is simple, highly applicable, and can be practiced individually, with a parter, or with a team or group of people. The essence of IBC™ is to identify what is getting in the way of our best self, to explore it deeply, to notice our own contribution to it, and to move beyond it with tremendous clarity as to what is next and how. 
4. For whom is IBC?
IBC™ is for everyone who is open to achieve deep and effective personal or organizational transformation. 
For more detailed information about IBC™ and to see IBC's evidence-based results please visit:

What is "IBC" Inquiry Based Coaching?

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